Most people have drawers and cupboards full of old tapes and films they shot years ago and now can't find the machine to view them on. " Forget Me Not Films " will transform those old videos into beautifully crafted, catalogued archives and films, for special occasions, gifts or just for you.  I make short films to celebrate individuals or the whole family from the "best bits" of your footage.  

Delivered on hard drives with a gift box set they are easily viewed, transported and stored.  Keeping your memories alive. 

I love working with photos and film, transforming little snippets of  video into a cohesive story so, in between making documentaries and short films for businesses, I spend my time weaving together personal histories.  It's my mission to not let these priceless moments stay hidden on old tapes. 

I can also visit you to film and document your family to create a film if you don't have your own footage, interviewing and capturing your children for you.  I can create  "This is Your Life" or "Who Do You Think You Are?" type films about interesting family members too (past and present) using interviews and your own and professional archive material.

I can't post my work up here because it is all your personal memories but please take a look at the testimonials.